Species for Benton County, Iowa
Class Aves
     Order Accipitriformes
          Family Accipitridae
               Genus Haliaeetus
                    Species Haliaeetus leucocephalus
          Family Pandionidae
               Genus Pandion
                    Species Pandion haliaetus
     Order Anseriformes
          Family Anatidae
               Genus Aix
                    Species Aix sponsa
               Genus Anas
                    Species Anas platyrhynchos
               Genus Branta
                    Species Branta canadensis
               Genus Spatula
                    Species Spatula clypeata
     Order Apodiformes
          Family Apodidae
               Genus Chaetura
                    Species Chaetura pelagica
     Order Caprimulgiformes
          Family Caprimulgidae
               Genus Chordeiles
                    Species Chordeiles minor
     Order Cathartiformes
          Family Cathartidae
               Genus Cathartes
                    Species Cathartes aura
     Order Charadriiformes
          Family Charadriidae
               Genus Charadrius
                    Species Charadrius vociferus
          Family Scolopacidae
               Genus Actitis
                    Species Actitis macularius
               Genus Tringa
                    Species Tringa solitaria
     Order Columbiformes
          Family Columbidae
               Genus Columba
                    Species Columba livia
               Genus Zenaida
                    Species Zenaida macroura
     Order Coraciiformes
          Family Alcedinidae
               Genus Megaceryle
                    Species Megaceryle alcyon
     Order Cuculiformes
          Family Cuculidae
               Genus Coccyzus
                    Species Coccyzus americanus
                    Species Coccyzus erythropthalmus
     Order Galliformes
          Family Phasianidae
               Genus Meleagris
                    Species Meleagris gallopavo
               Genus Phasianus
                    Species Phasianus colchicus
     Order Gruiformes
          Family Rallidae
               Genus Fulica
                    Species Fulica americana
     Order Passeriformes
          Family Bombycillidae
               Genus Bombycilla
                    Species Bombycilla cedrorum
          Family Cardinalidae
               Genus Cardinalis
                    Species Cardinalis cardinalis
               Genus Passerina
                    Species Passerina cyanea
               Genus Pheucticus
                    Species Pheucticus ludovicianus
          Family Corvidae
               Genus Corvus
                    Species Corvus brachyrhynchos
               Genus Cyanocitta
                    Species Cyanocitta cristata
          Family Fringillidae
               Genus Spinus
                    Species Spinus tristis
          Family Hirundinidae
               Genus Hirundo
                    Species Hirundo rustica
               Genus Tachycineta
                    Species Tachycineta bicolor
          Family Icteridae
               Genus Agelaius
                    Species Agelaius phoeniceus
               Genus Icterus
                    Species Icterus galbula
               Genus Molothrus
                    Species Molothrus ater
               Genus Quiscalus
                    Species Quiscalus quiscula
               Genus Sturnella
                    Species Sturnella magna
          Family Mimidae
               Genus Dumetella
                    Species Dumetella carolinensis
               Genus Toxostoma
                    Species Toxostoma rufum
          Family Paridae
               Genus Baeolophus
                    Species Baeolophus bicolor
               Genus Poecile
                    Species Poecile atricapillus
          Family Parulidae
               Genus Geothlypis
                    Species Geothlypis trichas
               Genus Oreothlypis
                    Species Oreothlypis celata
                    Species Oreothlypis peregrina
               Genus Parkesia
                    Species Parkesia noveboracensis
               Genus Protonotaria
                    Species Protonotaria citrea
               Genus Setophaga
                    Species Setophaga coronata
                    Species Setophaga magnolia
                    Species Setophaga palmarum
                    Species Setophaga petechia
                    Species Setophaga ruticilla
                    Species Setophaga virens
               Genus Vermivora
                    Species Vermivora chrysoptera
          Family Passerellidae
               Genus Melospiza
                    Species Melospiza georgiana
                    Species Melospiza melodia
               Genus Spizella
                    Species Spizella passerina
                    Species Spizella pusilla
               Genus Zonotrichia
                    Species Zonotrichia albicollis
          Family Passeridae
               Genus Passer
                    Species Passer domesticus
          Family Regulidae
               Genus Regulus
                    Species Regulus calendula
          Family Sittidae
               Genus Sitta
                    Species Sitta carolinensis
          Family Sturnidae
               Genus Sturnus
                    Species Sturnus vulgaris
          Family Troglodytidae
               Genus Troglodytes
                    Species Troglodytes aedon
          Family Turdidae
               Genus Catharus
                    Species Catharus guttatus
               Genus Sialia
                    Species Sialia sialis
               Genus Turdus
                    Species Turdus migratorius
          Family Tyrannidae
               Genus Myiarchus
                    Species Myiarchus crinitus
               Genus Sayornis
                    Species Sayornis phoebe
               Genus Tyrannus
                    Species Tyrannus tyrannus
          Family Vireonidae
               Genus Vireo
                    Species Vireo flavifrons
                    Species Vireo gilvus
                    Species Vireo griseus
                    Species Vireo solitarius
     Order Pelecaniformes
          Family Ardeidae
               Genus Ardea
                    Species Ardea herodias
     Order Piciformes
          Family Picidae
               Genus Colaptes
                    Species Colaptes auratus
               Genus Melanerpes
                    Species Melanerpes carolinus
                    Species Melanerpes erythrocephalus
               Genus Picoides
                    Species Picoides pubescens
                    Species Picoides villosus
     Order Strigiformes
          Family Strigidae
               Genus Strix
                    Species Strix varia
     Order Suliformes
          Family Phalacrocoracidae
               Genus Phalacrocorax
                    Species Phalacrocorax auritus
Class Insecta
     Order Lepidoptera1
          Family Attevidae
               Genus Atteva
                    Species Atteva aurea , (Fitch, 1856)
          Family Crambidae
               Genus Crambus
                    Species Crambus agitatellus , Clemens, 1860
               Genus Desmia
                    Species Desmia funeralis-maculalis
               Genus Elophila
                    Species Elophila obliteralis , (Walker, 1859)
               Genus Evergestis
                    Species Evergestis pallidata , (Hufnagel, 1767)
               Genus Hahncappsia
                    Species Hahncappsia marculenta-neomarculenta-neobliteralis
               Genus Lygropia
                    Species Lygropia rivulalis , Hampson, 1898
               Genus Microcrambus
                    Species Microcrambus elegans , (Clemens, 1860)
               Genus Neodactria
                    Species Neodactria luteolellus , (Clemens, 1860)
               Genus Nomophila
                    Species Nomophila nearctica , Munroe, 1973
               Genus Ostrinia
                    Species Ostrinia nubilalis , Hubner, 1796
               Genus Palpita
                    Species Palpita magniferalis , (Walker, 1861)
               Genus Sitochroa
                    Species Sitochroa palealis , (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775)
               Genus Udea
                    Species Udea rubigalis , (Guenee, 1854)
          Family Erebidae
               Genus Apantesis
                    Species Apantesis nais , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Ascalapha
                    Species Ascalapha odorata , (Linnaeus, 1758)
               Genus Caenurgina
                    Species Caenurgina erechtea , (Cramer, 1780)
               Genus Catocala
                    Species Catocala neogama , (J E Smith, 1797)
                    Species Catocala ultronia , (Hubner, 1823)
               Genus Halysidota
                    Species Halysidota tessellaris-harrisii
               Genus Haploa
                    Species Haploa lecontei , (Guerin & Meneville, 1832)
                    Species Haploa unknownspecies
               Genus Hypena
                    Species Hypena deceptalis , Walker, 1859
                    Species Hypena scabra , (Fabricius, 1798)
                    Species Hypena sordidula , Grote, 1872
               Genus Hypercompe
                    Species Hypercompe scribonia , (Stoll, 1790)
               Genus Hypoprepia
                    Species Hypoprepia fucosa , Hubner, [1831]
               Genus Orgyia
                    Species Orgyia leucostigma , (J E Smith, 1797)
               Genus Spilosoma
                    Species Spilosoma congrua , Walker, 1855
                    Species Spilosoma virginica , (Fabricius, 1798)
               Genus Zale
                    Species Zale galbanata , (Morrison, 1876)
                    Species Zale lunata , (Drury, 1773)
                    Species Zale minerea , (Guenee, 1852)
          Family Euteliidae
               Genus Marathyssa
                    Species Marathyssa basalis , Walker, 1865
          Family Gelechiidae
               Genus Chionodes
                    Species Chionodes thoraceochrella , (Chambers, 1872)
          Family Geometridae
               Genus Anavitrinella
                    Species Anavitrinella pampinaria , (Geunee, [1858])
               Genus Besma
                    Species Besma quercivoraria , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Campaea
                    Species Campaea perlata , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Cepphis
                    Species Cepphis armataria , (Herrich-Schaffer, [1855])
               Genus Chlorochlamys
                    Species Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Costaconvexa
                    Species Costaconvexa centrostrigaria , (Wollaston, 1858)
               Genus Digrammia
                    Species Digrammia gnophosaria , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Ennomos
                    Species Ennomos subsignaria , (Hubner, [1823])
               Genus Epirrhoe
                    Species Epirrhoe alternata , (Muller, 1764)
               Genus Erannis
                    Species Erannis tiliaria , (Harris, 1841)
               Genus Eubaphe
                    Species Eubaphe mendica , (Walker, 1854)
               Genus Eugonobapta
                    Species Eugonobapta nivosaria , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Eulithis
                    Species Eulithis diversilineata-gracilineata
               Genus Euphyia
                    Species Euphyia intermediata , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Eupithecia
                    Species Eupithecia miserulata , Grote, 1863
               Genus Eutrapela
                    Species Eutrapela clemataria , (J E Smith, 1797)
               Genus Haematopis
                    Species Haematopis grataria , (Fabricius, 1798)
               Genus Heterophleps
                    Species Heterophleps refusaria , (Walker, 1861)
               Genus Horisme
                    Species Horisme intestinata , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Hypagyrtis
                    Species Hypagyrtis unipunctata , (Haworth, 1809)
               Genus Lambdina
                    Species Lambdina fervidaria , (Hubner, [1831])
               Genus Lomographa
                    Species Lomographa vestaliata , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Lycia
                    Species Lycia ypsilon , (S A Forbes, 1885)
               Genus Macaria
                    Species Macaria pustularia , (Guenee, [1858])
                    Species Macaria ribearia , (Fitch, 1848)
               Genus Melanolophia
                    Species Melanolophia signataria , (Walker, 1860)
               Genus Mellilla
                    Species Mellilla xanthometata , (Walker, 1862)
               Genus Nematocampa
                    Species Nematocampa resistaria , (Herrich-Sch?ffer, [1856])
               Genus Orthonama
                    Species Orthonama obstipata , (Fabricius, 1794)
               Genus Pero
                    Species Pero honestaria , (Walker, 1860)
               Genus Pleuroprucha
                    Species Pleuroprucha insulsaria , (Guenee, [1858])
               Genus Prochoerodes
                    Species Prochoerodes lineola , (Goeze,1781)
               Genus Scopula
                    Species Scopula limboundata , (Haworth, 1809)
               Genus Synchlora
                    Species Synchlora aerata , Fabricius, 1798
               Genus Venusia
                    Species Venusia comptaria , (Walker, 1860)
               Genus Xanthotype
                    Species Xanthotype urticaria-sospeta
               Genus Phyllodesma
                    Species Phyllodesma americana , (Harris, 1841)
          Family Limacodidae
               Genus Apoda
                    Species Apoda y-inversum , (Packard, 1864)
               Genus Lithacodes
                    Species Lithacodes fasciola , (Herrich-Schaffer, 1854)
               Genus Tortricidia
                    Species Tortricidia testacea , Packard, 1864
          Family Noctuidae
               Genus Acronicta
                    Species Acronicta morula , (Grote and Robinson, 1868)
                    Species Acronicta ovata , (Grote, 1873)
               Genus Allagrapha
                    Species Allagrapha aerea , (Hubner, [1803])
               Genus Amphipyra
                    Species Amphipyra pyramidoides , Guenee, 1852
               Genus Anagrapha
                    Species Anagrapha falcifera , (W. Kirby, 1837)
               Genus Condica
                    Species Condica vecors , (Guenee, 1852)
               Genus Elaphria
                    Species Elaphria grata , Hubner, 1818
               Genus Epiglaea
                    Species Epiglaea decliva , (Grote, 1874)
               Genus Eudryas
                    Species Eudryas grata , (Fabricius, 1793)
               Genus Feltia
                    Species Feltia jaculifera , (Guenee, 1852)
               Genus Galgula
                    Species Galgula partita , Guenee, 1852
               Genus Helicoverpa
                    Species Helicoverpa zea , (Boddie, 1850)
               Genus Leucania
                    Species Leucania pseudargyria , Guenee, 1852
               Genus Leuconycta
                    Species Leuconycta lepidula , (Grote, 1874)
               Genus Lithacodia
                    Species Lithacodia musta , (Grote and Robinson, 1868)
               Genus Lithophane
                    Species Lithophane laticinerea , Grote, 1874
               Genus Maliattha
                    Species Maliattha synochitis , (Grote and Robinson, 1868)
               Genus Megalographa
                    Species Megalographa biloba , (Stephens, 1830)
               Genus Melanchra
                    Species Melanchra adjuncta , (Guenee, 1852)
                    Species Melanchra pulverulenta , (J B Smith, 1888)
               Genus Mythimna
                    Species Mythimna unipuncta , (Haworth, 1809)
               Genus Noctua
                    Species Noctua pronuba , (Linnaeus, 1758)
               Genus Ogdoconta
                    Species Ogdoconta cinereola , (Guenee, 1852)
               Genus Orthosia
                    Species Orthosia rubescens , (Walker, 1865)
               Genus Papaipema
                    Species Papaipema cataphracta , (Grote, 1864)
               Genus Peridroma
                    Species Peridroma saucia , (Hubner, [1808])
               Genus Ponometia
                    Species Ponometia candefacta , (Hubner, [1831])
               Genus Protolampra
                    Species Protolampra brunneicollis , (Grote, 1865)
               Genus Psaphida
                    Species Psaphida resumens , Walker, 1865
               Genus Pseudeustrotia
                    Species Pseudeustrotia carneola , (Guenee, 1852)
               Genus Rachiplusia
                    Species Rachiplusia ou , (Guenee, 1852)
               Genus Schinia
                    Species Schinia arcigera , (Guenee, 1852)
                    Species Schinia trifascia , Hubner, 1818
               Genus Spodoptera
                    Species Spodoptera ornithogalli , (Guenee, 1852)
          Family Nolidae
               Genus Baileya
                    Species Baileya dormitans , (Guenee, 1852)
          Family Notodontidae
               Genus Ellida
                    Species Ellida caniplaga , (Walker, 1856)
               Genus Gluphisia
                    Species Gluphisia septentrionis , Walker, 1855
               Genus Heterocampa
                    Species Heterocampa subrotata , Harvey, 1874
               Genus Nerice
                    Species Nerice bidentata , Walker, 1855
          Family Pterophoridae
               Genus Geina
                    Species Geina periscelidactylus , (Fitch, 1854)
          Family Pyralidae
               Genus Hypsopygia
                    Species Hypsopygia costalis , (Fabricius, 1775)
                    Species Hypsopygia olinalis , (Guenee, 1854)
               Genus Pococera
                    Species Pococera humerella , (Ragonot, 1888)
          Family Saturniidae
               Genus Antheraea
                    Species Antheraea polyphemus , (Cramer, 1776)
               Genus Callosamia
                    Species Callosamia promethea , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Eacles
                    Species Eacles imperialis , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Sphingicampa
                    Species Sphingicampa bicolor , (Harris, 1841)
          Family Sphingidae
               Genus Amphion
                    Species Amphion floridensis , B P Clark, 1920
               Genus Ceratomia
                    Species Ceratomia amyntor , (Geyer, 1835)
               Genus Darapsa
                    Species Darapsa myron , (Cramer, 1780)
               Genus Deidamia
                    Species Deidamia inscriptum , (Harris, 1839)
               Genus Lintneria
                    Species Lintneria eremitus , (Hubner, 1823)
               Genus Manduca
                    Species Manduca sexta , (Linnaeus, 1763)
               Genus Paonias
                    Species Paonias myops , (J E Smith, 1797)
          Family Tineidae
               Genus Acrolophus
                    Species Acrolophus popeanella , (Clemens, 1859)
          Family Tortricidae
               Genus Argyrotaenia
                    Species Argyrotaenia velutinana , (Walker, 1863)
               Genus Choristoneura
                    Species Choristoneura rosaceana , (Harris, 1841)
          Family mothfamily
               Genus Hemipteragenus
                    Species Hemipteragenus unknown
               Genus dipteragenus
                    Species dipteragenus unknown
     Order Lepidoptera2
          Family Hesperiidae
               Genus Anatrytone
                    Species Anatrytone logan , (W H Edwards, 1863)
               Genus Ancyloxypha
                    Species Ancyloxypha numitor , (Fabricius, 1793)
               Genus Epargyreus
                    Species Epargyreus clarus , (Cramer, 1775)
               Genus Erynnis
                    Species Erynnis horatius , (Scudder & Burgess, 1870)
                    Species Erynnis juvenalis , (Fabricius, 1793)
               Genus Euphyes
                    Species Euphyes conspicua , (W H Edwards, 1863)
               Genus Pholisora
                    Species Pholisora catullus , (Fabricius, 1793)
               Genus Poanes
                    Species Poanes hobomok , (Harris, 1862)
               Genus Polites
                    Species Polites mystic , (Edwards, 1863)
                    Species Polites peckius , (Kirby, 1837)
                    Species Polites themistocles , (Latreille, [1824])
               Genus Pompeius
                    Species Pompeius verna , (W H Edwards, 1862)
               Genus Pyrgus
                    Species Pyrgus communis , (Grote, 1872)
               Genus Thorybes
                    Species Thorybes pylades , (Scudder, 1870)
               Genus Thymelicus
                    Species Thymelicus lineola , (Ochsenheimer, 1808)
               Genus Wallengrenia
                    Species Wallengrenia egeremet , (Scudder, 1863)
          Family Lycaenidae
               Genus Callophrys
                    Species Callophrys gryneus , (Hubner, [1819])
               Genus Celastrina
                    Species Celastrina neglecta , (Edwards, 1862)
               Genus Cupido
                    Species Cupido comyntas , (Godart, [1824])
               Genus Lycaena
                    Species Lycaena dione , (Scudder, 1868)
                    Species Lycaena hyllus , (Cramer, 1775)
               Genus Satyrium
                    Species Satyrium calanus , (Hubner, [1809])
                    Species Satyrium titus , (Fabricius, 1793)
               Genus Strymon
                    Species Strymon melinus , Huber, 1818
          Family Nymphalidae
               Genus Asterocampa
                    Species Asterocampa celtis , (Boisduval & Leconte, [1835])
                    Species Asterocampa clyton , (Boisduval & Leconte, [1835])
               Genus Boloria
                    Species Boloria bellona , (Fabricius, 1775)
                    Species Boloria selene , ([Denis & Schiffermuller], 1775)
               Genus Cercyonis
                    Species Cercyonis pegala , (Fabricius, 1775)
               Genus Chlosyne
                    Species Chlosyne gorgone , (Hubner, [1810])
                    Species Chlosyne nycteis , (Doubleday, 1847)
               Genus Danaus
                    Species Danaus plexippus , (Linnaeus, 1758)
               Genus Junonia
                    Species Junonia coenia , (Hubner, [1822])
               Genus Lethe
                    Species Lethe eurydice , (Linnaeus, 1763)
               Genus Libytheana
                    Species Libytheana carinenta , (Cramer, 1777)
               Genus Limenitis
                    Species Limenitis archippus , (Cramer, 1775)
                    Species Limenitis arthemis , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Megisto
                    Species Megisto cymela , (Cramer, 1777)
               Genus Phyciodes
                    Species Phyciodes tharos , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Polygonia
                    Species Polygonia comma , (Harris, 1841)
                    Species Polygonia interrogationis , (Fabricius, 1798)
                    Species Polygonia progne , (Cramer, 1775)
               Genus Speyeria
                    Species Speyeria aphrodite , (Fabricius, 1787)
                    Species Speyeria cybele , (Fabricius, 1775)
               Genus Vanessa
                    Species Vanessa atalanta , (Linnaeus, 1758)
                    Species Vanessa cardui , (Linnaeus, 1758)
                    Species Vanessa virginiensis , (Drury, 1773)
          Family Papilionidae
               Genus Eurytides
                    Species Eurytides marcellus , (Cramer, 1777)
               Genus Papilio
                    Species Papilio cresphontes , Cramer, 1777
                    Species Papilio glaucus , Linnaeus, 1758
                    Species Papilio polyxenes , Fabricius, 1775
          Family Pieridae
               Genus Colias
                    Species Colias eurytheme , Boisduval, 1852
                    Species Colias philodice , Godart, 1819
               Genus Nathalis
                    Species Nathalis iole , Boisduval, 1836
               Genus Pieris
                    Species Pieris rapae , (Linnaeus, 1758)
               Genus Pontia
                    Species Pontia protodice , (Boisduval and Leconte, [1830])
               Genus Pyrisitia
                    Species Pyrisitia lisa , (Boisduval & Le Conte, [1830])
     Order Odonata
          Family Aeshnidae
               Genus Anax
                    Species Anax junius , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Boyeria
                    Species Boyeria vinosa , (Say, 1839)
          Family Calopterygidae
               Genus Calopteryx
                    Species Calopteryx aequabilis , Say, 1839
                    Species Calopteryx maculata , (Beauvois, 1805)
               Genus Hetaerina
                    Species Hetaerina americana , (Fabricius, 1798)
          Family Coenagrionidae
               Genus Argia
                    Species Argia apicalis , (Say, 1839)
                    Species Argia fumipennis , (Burmeister, 1839)
                         Subspecies Argia fumipennis violacea , (Burmeister, 1839)
                    Species Argia moesta , (Hagen, 1861)
                    Species Argia plana , Calvert, 1902
                    Species Argia tibialis , (Rambur, 1842)
               Genus Enallagma
                    Species Enallagma anna , Williamson, 1900
                    Species Enallagma annexum , (Hagen, 1861)
                    Species Enallagma antennatum , (Say, 1839)
                    Species Enallagma aspersum , (Hagen, 1861)
                    Species Enallagma basidens , Calvert, 1902
                    Species Enallagma carunculatum , Morse,1895
                    Species Enallagma civile , (Hagen, 1861)
                    Species Enallagma exsulans , (Hagen, 1861)
                    Species Enallagma geminatum , Kellicott, 1895
                    Species Enallagma hageni , (Walsh, 1863)
                    Species Enallagma signatum , (Hagen,1861)
                    Species Enallagma traviatum , Selys, 1876
               Genus Ischnura
                    Species Ischnura hastata , (Say, 1839)
                    Species Ischnura verticalis , (Say, 1839)
               Genus Nehalennia
                    Species Nehalennia irene , (Hagen, 1861)
          Family Corduliidae
               Genus Epitheca
                    Species Epitheca cynosura , (Say, 1839)
                    Species Epitheca princeps , Hagen, 1861
          Family Gomphidae
               Genus Arigomphus
                    Species Arigomphus submedianus , (Williamson, 1914)
               Genus Gomphus
                    Species Gomphus externus , Hagen in Selys, 1858
               Genus Ophiogomphus
                    Species Ophiogomphus smithii , Tennessen and Vogt, 2004
               Genus Phanogomphus
                    Species Phanogomphus graslinellus , (Walsh, 1862)
               Genus Progomphus
                    Species Progomphus obscurus , (Rambur, 1842)
               Genus Stylurus
                    Species Stylurus amnicola , (Walsh, 1862)
                    Species Stylurus notatus , (Rambur, 1842)
          Family Lestidae
               Genus Lestes
                    Species Lestes congener , Hagen, 1861
                    Species Lestes dryas , Kirby, 1890
                    Species Lestes eurinus , Say, 1839
                    Species Lestes forcipatus , Rambur, 1842
                    Species Lestes rectangularis , Say, 1839
                    Species Lestes unguiculatus , Hagen, 1861
          Family Libellulidae
               Genus Celithemis
                    Species Celithemis eponina , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Erythemis
                    Species Erythemis simplicicollis , (Say, 1839)
               Genus Leucorrhinia
                    Species Leucorrhinia intacta , (Hagen, 1861)
               Genus Libellula
                    Species Libellula luctuosa , Burmeister, 1839
                    Species Libellula pulchella , Drury, 1773
               Genus Pachydiplax
                    Species Pachydiplax longipennis , (Burmeister, 1839)
               Genus Pantala
                    Species Pantala flavescens , (Fabricius, 1798)
               Genus Perithemis
                    Species Perithemis tenera , (Say, 1839)
               Genus Plathemis
                    Species Plathemis lydia , (Drury, 1773)
               Genus Sympetrum
                    Species Sympetrum costiferum , (Hagen, 1861)
                    Species Sympetrum obtrusum , (Hagen, 1867)
                    Species Sympetrum rubicundulum , (Say, 1839)
               Genus Tramea
                    Species Tramea lacerata , Hagen, 1861
                    Species Tramea onusta , Hagen, 1861
                    Species Tramea redspecies
Class Plants
     Order Fabales
          Family Fabaceae
               Genus Amorpha
                    Species Amorpha juglandis , (J E Smith, 1797)
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